Welcome to our Kibuli Eco village

Kibuli is located in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea, accessible by boat, nearly 100 km interior from the southern coastal town Mabaduan.

Away from “civilization”, our villagers are subsistence framers, who lead simple lives, along the river that connects us to the rest of the world. Our villagers grow yams, bananas, vegetables in their home gardens. They gather forest products sustainably from the surrounding forests, including bee’s honey and Sago, derived from the Sago palms. Catching river fish, hunting small mammals like kus kus, birds like Casuari. Pigs are reserved for the special occasions.

Casuari are hunted for food.
Fish is a main part of the diet

Venison is a speciality for Western province, which is not commonly found in other parts of the country.

Venison can be bought in local markets in Western Province


We do not “create” activities for our visitors. We offer the opportunity to take part in daily chores of villagers lives to experience living in a remote western province village, first-hand.

The river being the main connection to the outside world, our village life is strongly connected to the river. Travel the river on a local catamaran, dug out of a tree trunk with an outrigger that will keep the balance even if you are a novice to paddling a boat.

Outrigger catamaran dug out of the tree trunk

Accompany a villager or a bunch of kids, to catch your fish-dinner.

An outrigger catamaran for local transport and a banana boat for long distance travel

Accompany the villagers to their home gardens to experience daily chores in planting, harvesting and multitude of other chores depending on the season.

Accompany a hunter in to the bush to see some of the wildlife that occur around our village.

Casuari are hunted for food.

You might get to learn how sago is extracted from the sago palms, which is a lengthy process that needs good skills. Sago flat-bread and pork are a delicacy in the province.

Sago bread with Pork is a delicacy

Skillful craftsmen work on masks and other crafts that are used during ceremonies, which are an important part of their lives.

Wooden Mask

Join the children who enjoy river bathing after a days work.

Kids enjoying river bathing

Be a part of our village population and experience simple living, close to nature.


Eco-friendly typical village houses built with local material, similar to the local village houses are offered to our guests, to blend-in during their stay in our village. It allows you to enjoy the simple living in a traditional village and being a part of the community.

Getting here

Airport at Daru. located on a small island off the southern coast, is the main entry point to the western province. You can catch a local transport from Daru to the small town of Mabaduan on the southern coast, which is the starting point for your 6 hour boat journey upriver to our village Kibuli.

The 175 km journey to Kibuli passes through dense forests, bushland, open forests, and numerous villages dotted along the life-giving river of the region. You pass villages Togo, Baranapi, Gnao (30 km), Kibul (60km), Sebe (150km) to finally arrive at our village Kibuli.

Travelling up river in a small motor boat to reach the village
Shallow river is ideal for safe bathing
A motor boat and a traditional catamaran on the river